deployfish is a pure python package. As such, it can be installed in the usual python ways. For the following instructions, either install it into your global python install, or use a python virtual environment to install it without polluting your global python environment.

Install deployfish

pip install deployfish

Install AWS CLI v2

deployfish requries AWS CLI v2 for some of its functionality, notably EXEC’ing into FARGATE containers. While AWS CLI v1 was installable via pip, AWS CLI v2 is not, so we have to do the install manually. Here’s how to set that up on a Mac:

# Uninstall any old versions of the cli
pip uninstall awscli

# Deactivate any pyenv environment so we can be in the system-wide Python interpreter
cd ~

# Install the new AWS CLI from brew -- it's no longer pip installable
brew update
brew install awscli

# Install the Session Manager plugin
curl "" -o ""
sudo ./sessionmanager-bundle/install -i /usr/local/sessionmanagerplugin -b /usr/local/bin/session-manager-plugin

If later on you have issues with EXEC’ing or with the aws command in general, check to ensure you’re getting your global v2 version of aws instead of an old v1 one from your current virtual environment:

aws --version

If the version string shows version < 2:

pip uninstall awscli