deployfish has commands for managing the whole lifecycle of your application:

  • Safely and easily create, update, destroy and restart ECS services

  • Safely and easily create, update, run, schedule and unschedule ECS tasks

  • Extensive support for ECS related services like load balancing, application autoscaling and service discovery

  • Easily scale the number of containers in your service, optionally scaling its associated autoscaling group at the same time

  • Manage multiple environments for your task or service (test, qa, prod, etc.) in multiple AWS accounts.

  • Uses AWS Parameter Store for secrets for your containers

  • View the configuration and status of running ECS services

  • Run a one-off command related to your service

  • Easily exec through your VPC bastion host into your running containers, or ssh into a ECS container machine in your cluster.

  • Setup SSH tunnels to the private AWS resources in VPC that your service uses so that you can connect to them from your work machine.

  • Extensible! Add additional functionality through custom deployfish modules.

  • Works great in CodeBuild steps in a CodePipeline based CI/CD system!

Additionally, deployfish integrates with Terraform state files so that you can use the values of terraform outputs directly in your deployfish configurations.

To use deployfish, you

  • Install deployfish

  • Define your tasks and services in deployfish.yml

  • Use deploy to start managing your tasks and services

A simple deployfish.yml looks like this:

  - name: my-service
    environment: prod
    cluster: my-cluster
    count: 2
      service_role_arn: arn:aws:iam::123142123547:role/ecsServiceRole
      load_balancer_name: my-service-elb
      container_name: my-service
      container_port: 80
    family: my-service
    network_mode: bridge
    task_role_arn: arn:aws:iam::123142123547:role/myTaskRole
      - name: my-service
        cpu: 128
        memory: 256
          - "80"
          - ENVIRONMENT=prod
          - ANOTHER_ENV_VAR=value
          - THIRD_ENV_VAR=value

See the examples/ folder in this repository for example deployfish.yml files.